Cash management: What’s in it for commercial lenders?

Cash management: What’s in it for commercial lenders?

By Q2

9 Nov, 2020

Commercial bankers and lenders, wouldn’t it be nice if you had an industry expert tell you what to look for in a cash management system? You’re in luck! In today’s episode of the Purposeful Banker podcast, Christine Barry, research director for Aite Group and an industry expert in U.S. cash management trends and technology, shares her perspective on just that.

In this episode, Barry explains:

  • Why offering treasury services is increasingly important today
  • What to look for in an effective cash management system
  • Interesting ways to bring more value to commercial clients

And if you’re not a podcast listener, here’s a preview of the episode and the Aite report that Barry references:

Why treasury services matter to commercial lenders

With tightening margins on commercial credits, the revenue potential of cash management and treasury services makes them an attractive cross-sell. Adding these services also helps deliver better banking experiences for clients and make existing relationships “stickier.”

Barry offers ways to successfully cross-sell treasury services, as well as guidance on what corporate treasurers are currently looking for in a technology system to support and offer those services, digitally. It’s no longer just about functionality. User experience is also a significant factor when vetting new technology options, even on the commercial side of the house.

Aite Group Report 2020:

Barry’s commentary in the podcast is based on the exhaustive research that went into creating her Aite Group 2020 report, The Leading Providers of U.S. Cash Management Technology, which you can download and read in its entirety HERE. Disclaimer: Q2 is ranked and analyzed as one of the vendors in the report.

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