CONNECT 20: Q2’s Annual Client Conference Goes Virtual

CONNECT 20: Q2’s Annual Client Conference Goes Virtual

By Q2

27 Apr, 2020

Even before March, as it became increasingly clear that the coronavirus pandemic would likely disrupt plans for in-person events in Austin and across the country, the Q2 leadership and events teams recognized the importance of creating an alternative method to present CONNECT 20. By leveraging the experiences of team members who had attended virtual conferences and watching what was happening with other events in the industry, we quickly defined the type of digital conference experience we wanted to provide our customers and drew up plans to offer CONNECT 20 in a new and innovative way.

A remarkable event for a remarkable time

By moving to a series of virtual events scheduled over the next few months, we have organized a way to stay in touch with our customers while sharing content that is relevant now. In addition to presenting important industry and Q2-specifictopics, the CONNECT 20 series will offer virtual opportunities to interact with colleagues and industry leaders, experience Q2 product demos firsthand, and much more.

Because we know FI teams are working harder than ever, we have designed a calendar that features a cadence of regular, shorter events over the coming months. This approach takes FIs’ demanding schedules into account, allowing attendees and their coworkers to absorb the information featured during CONNECT 20 without having to pivot their attention from their most significant responsibility in these unusual times—giving account holders the exceptional experiences, seamless service, and critical answers they’re seeking.

A series of four valuable events

Today marks the first in the four-part CONNECT 20 series of events. While we genuinely wish we could meet face-to-face, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to interact with our customers through the digital channel. To find out how you can register for the remaining CONNECT 20 events, click here. We hope you’ll join us!

Providing help where it’s needed

Because of the reduced costs associated with shifting from an in-person event to a virtual event, Q2 will be making a $25,000 donation to a COVID-19 pandemic relief organization. If you would like to join these efforts, you can do so during registration, or by modifying your registration if you have already completed the process. If you have questions about this or any other CONNECT 20 topics, please email


Written by Q2