Q2 End User Marketing Campaigns: Trusted Resources to Support Your Communication Efforts

Q2 End User Marketing Campaigns: Trusted Resources to Support Your Communication Efforts

By Q2

9 Apr, 2020

Now is an extraordinary time, and FIs are looking for the most effective ways to keep their account holders informed and to strengthen relationships. Leveraging Q2’s End User Marketing (EUM) campaigns is a valuable strategy for many Q2 customers seeking to communicate important information about their institution and to offer ways to help their account holders as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds.

Effective communication for keeping account holders secure

Account holders rely increasingly on their FIs to provide helpful information, assistance, and to be a calming, steady influence amid the uncertainty they face. Effective and efficient, Q2 EUM campaigns can remind account holders of the secure products and services available to help them with their financial needs. As social distancing becomes part of “the new normal,” EUM campaigns can be leveraged to encourage the use of digital banking to protect the wellness of your account holders and staff while demonstrating your commitment to strengthening your community.

Helpful resources for staff and account holders alike

Each EUM campaign contains a collection of useful, customizable resources, ranging from account holder-facing web banner images and suggested newsletter content to staff-facing messaging to help employees better understand the reasons and goals behind each campaign.

FIs may find the newest EUM campaign, Things you need to know about COVID-19, particularly helpful with its focus on ways to demonstrate your commitment to account holders during difficult times.

Accessing Q2 EUM Campaigns

Logging on to the Q2 EUM Library is easy. From the Q2 Customer Portal, click Marketing in the top navigation menu to access a comprehensive selection of resources available for you to deploy.

Customers with Online Banking can access Q2central, Q2’s back-office administration application designed to help communicate offerings, share FI-related news, and deliver marketing messages on the Online Banking Platform.

New and upcoming resources

As the COVID-19 pandemic situation unfolds, new developments are increasingly common. Look for a new EUM campaign resource focused on the COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program early next week.

If your FI identifies a need to develop custom communications for your account holders or community, please contact the Q2 Creative Services team at CreativeServices@q2ebanking.com. They are equipped to work with you to create tailored marketing solutions, including promotional videos. If your FI needs assistance with business readiness, planning or demo videos, please contact Q2’s Advisory Services team at Advisory@q2ebanking.com.


Written by Q2