As financial institution (FI) professionals settle into what many call the new normal, some days feel anything but ordinary. To help FIs stay up-to-date with industry knowledge while nimbly adapting to new ways of working, the Q2 team is creating regular blog content. Here are a few of July’s best performing and most insightful blogs.

Drop the Tough Act: How to Implement a Sensitive Collections Strategy Post-COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many economies reeling. In some countries, unemployment is at levels not seen since the 1930s, and the drop in economic output, even in the biggest economies, is staggering. As economies grapple with these stresses, new problems are likely to emerge. The fallout and the recovery are both unpredictable.

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Banking as a Service in the New Normal

COVID-19 has impacted just about every business. The scope of the impact is dependent on industry, pandemic readiness, and, most importantly, the pandemic’s effect on a user base.

Fintechs are impacted, too. They face headwinds as the pandemic, and the related economic concerns, continue. Financially impacted consumers are scaling back the use of certain fintech services and using fewer fintech apps.

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Q2 Named “Best-in-Class” Cash Management Provider by Aite Group

For the third time, Q2 is honored to have been recognized as a “best-in-class” cash management provider in the 2020 Aite Group cash management evaluation. Team members across the company are humbled to receive the recognition, which further underscores Q2’s competitive position in the commercial banking space.

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Fraud Strategy Alert: API Permission Requests Attacks

As FIs everywhere turn to the digital channel to address the particular stresses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are also adapting their strategies, creating novel approaches to their craft. As account holders overwhelmingly choose to meet their banking needs digitally, it’s critical for FIs to inform them of emerging attack strategies.

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Q2 Embraces Digital Onboarding for New Team Members

In March, the fallout of COVID-19 demanded a swift shift to remote work, and on March 23, the Q2 NHO program followed suit. With very little runway, content creators, designers, and participants across the organization worked to relaunch the program in a new and completely digital format, now presented twice monthly.

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Please continue to visit the Q2 blog for relevant resources to help FIs continue to provide seamless support to account holders during these remarkable times.


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