Your Journey to Empowered Innovation Starts Here

Your Journey to Empowered Innovation Starts Here

By Jaime Dominguez

12 May, 2022

More and more, banks and credit unions are becoming technology companies that just so happen to provide financial services. This undeniable digital banking revolution is requiring you to innovate fast and at scale—not only because account holders are demanding it, but also because it’s the only way you’ll survive and thrive in the coming months and years.

Today, your ability enhance and personalize banking products and services is almost entirely dependent on your technology partners. And in 2022 and beyond, it's your digital banking platform, not your core processor, that dictates your ability to deliver new products and services. So here's what to look for in a digital banking platform...

Engineered Extensibility

A truly innovative digital banking solution will offer the technology that empowers you to develop your ideas, extend as your institution grows, and host your solution in an environment that allows you to deploy them quickly. Look for a solution that offers both a strong, well-designed set of baseline features, functions, and integrations that serve as the foundation of a well-engineered digital channel; and the extended features that make it easy to create unique offerings tailored to your customers.

Built-In Features, Tool-Free Coding, and Ready-to-Deploy Integrations

Look for a digital banking platform that makes it easy to extend your offering by developing your own integrations or leveraging existing integrations. You should be empowered to leapfrog over the traditional months-to-years development timeline that has kept FIs from moving with speed and agility, giving you a strong competitive edge.

Ease of Use and a Future-First Mindset

Ensure your digital banking partner has a future-proof mindset with an ironclad commitment to easy, achievable innovation, now and in the future. You’re looking for a partner offering options that allow you to simplify your innovation journey. Your partner should offer a single platform architecture that enables you to write solutions once, then run them everywhere your account holders meet you, whether on your app, website, tablet, or even in your branch.

Your journey to empowered innovation doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or time consuming. Get all the details by downloading our latest eBook, “Innovation at Scale.”

Jaime Dominguez

Written by Jaime Dominguez

Jaime is a senior product marketer at Q2 with more than 15 years of experience in banking, working across various aspects, such as consulting and strategy. His forte is understanding market drivers, strategic directives, and business needs to define go-to-market initiatives across digital platforms while helping financial institutions achieve their business goals and objectives. Jaime's an amateur photographer and foodie, and loves to travel with his family.