PrecisionLender, a Q2 company, is dedicated to providing financial institutions (FIs) with the data insights they need, when they need them. PrecisionLender’s software delivers these insights via timely coaching that helps structure, price, and negotiate commercial deals. With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in uncertainty over future lending and possible credit losses, the kind of insights PrecisionLender provides are more valuable than ever.

Access an important new PrecisionLender report

PrecisionLender has created a new report, Risk Levels and Bank Behaviors During COVID-19. Discover what the data says about a number of significant topics for this uncertain lending environment, including:

  • The growing relevance of credit risk
  • Existing signs of risk deterioration
  • Evidence of credit stress in line usage and deposit balances
  • Shifting market sentiment tied to credit structure and pricing
  • Tactics FIs can employ to make the most of risk-adjusted returns

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Download Risk Levels and Bank Behaviors During COVID-19 to learn more.

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