Q2 is honored to announce that Q2 Partner Marketplace has been named a FinovateFall Digital 2020 Best in Show winner. Q2 Partner Marketplace is an online digital marketplace that makes collaboration between fintechs and financial institutions (FIs) easier and more efficient, leveraging the comprehensive, proven industry integration methodology powering Q2’s banking platform. Learn how Q2 Partner Marketplace brings significant advantages to customers, enhancing speed to market, boosting non-interest income, and increasing engagement with account holders.

A comprehensive solution

Q2 Partner Marketplace combines the best of digital banking and e-commerce by creating an app store-like experience that allows FIs to evaluate, select, and deploy from a catalog of pre-integrated third-party products. Q2 Partner Marketplace was designed in response to the growing demand for FIs to compete in a crowded digital space where convenience and choice translate to loyalty. Q2 Partner Marketplace makes third-party integrations easy, introduces incremental revenue to the FI, and provides a customizable solution to meet account holders’ unique needs within their digital banking platform.

Innovation delivered faster

We believe FIs need a better, faster way to deploy new technology; one that mitigates the FI’s risk and resource burden and removes the onus of integration. That’s why Q2 Partner Marketplace sources sought-after fintech partners and facilitates integration. This makes it easy for FIs to evaluate and review pre-qualified, pre-integrated partners and deploy the ones that best fit their account holders’ financial and lifestyle needs.

Easy integration

Product integrations that take months of development work can hinder the upsides of adopting new, innovative technologies. With Q2 Partner Marketplace, the integration is already complete by the time an FI engages with it. Because Q2 pre-integrates with approved fintech partners, there are no disruptions to the FI’s existing operations. FIs can seamlessly deploy supported products directly into their digital banking platform, dramatically increasing speed to market for new products and tools that their account holders want now.

Highly customizable

Today’s account holders demand personalization; it’s a prerequisite for engagement and brand loyalty. That’s why Q2 Partner Marketplace delivers relevant, personalized solutions for real account holder pain points. Q2 Partner Marketplace helps account holders address the financial needs most relevant to them, from small-business bookkeeping to credit-score monitoring and advice. And by allowing account holders to customize their digital banking experience, FIs can increase overall engagement on their platforms and position themselves as the ever-present companion on their account holder’s financial journey.

Designed for profitability

It’s easy to think of digital banking as a cost center or merely a service channel. But from day one, Q2’s vision has been to help FIs monetize their digital channel. Q2 Partner Marketplace advances this goal at no cost for adoption. What’s more, FIs earn a revenue share every time an account holder uses a Q2 Partner Marketplace product.

Fintech advantages

Q2 Partner Marketplace is a radically different go-to-market model for fintechs. Its comprehensive, easy-to-use integration studio accesses almost every layer of Q2’s market-leading UX digital banking platform, allowing fintechs to realize the goal of integrating once. This integration allows fintechs to view Q2’s broad base of participating customers and account holders. A single integration effort only takes days or weeks instead of months, and access to Q2 Partner Marketplace allows fintechs to scale fast, avoid high customer acquisition costs, and deliver needed innovation in the desirable financial services technology sector.

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