By Will Furrer, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Q2 is a purpose-built company. When I arrived to work with this amazing team in 2013, they quickly made sure I understood how purpose and mission were at the center of everything they do. Because I had been running a small business that relied on a community financial institution for a real estate loan and our line of credit used for growth, the mission and purpose resonated with me; it strengthened communities by strengthening their financial institutions.

In addition to its strong mission, Q2 also embraces a set of ten guiding principles. They are displayed on the walls of our offices, shared in sales decks, and printed on our access badges. From the start, these principles have ensured we listen to our customers and the market and use that critical information to take action. We deliver on our mission, moving forward, responding, and leaning into challenges and opportunities. In our industry, especially now, companies and people must be comfortable with change. One of Q2’s ten guiding principles – “Change is good” – embodies this reality.

Welcoming the idea that “change is good” is an essential strategy that helps us navigate the evolving financial services landscape and remain sure-footed and customer-centric along our path.

Change will continue – and we will continue to embrace all it offers.

In response to our customers’ input, we have expanded our capabilities considerably since our inception. This journey from providing digital banking products to adapting to the reality that banking is digital has been exciting, and our industry is changing like never before. Today, whatever a person can do at a bank – whether opening accounts, moving money, applying for a loan, or reviewing their commercial account status – must be easily and elegantly accomplished in the digital channel as well. That’s why we focus on designing and delivering software for creating meaningful experiences – so you can focus on building lasting relationships with your account holders. We deliver financial experiences, or FinX.

With the addition of several purpose-built companies to the Q2 family, including Centrix, Social Money, Cloud Lending, PrecisionLender, and more, we believe the time is right to simplify and clarify who we are and what we do. It’s time to become one Q2. We will begin to make this position a reality with the launch of the new website on June 1. Names and logos like “Centrix, a Q2 Company” and “Cloud Lending, a Q2 Company” will gradually fade from use.

Whether you are a customer, a prospective customer, or a partner, this won’t impact the way you interact with or are supported by Q2. Keep emailing and calling the same, trusted teams you count on today. We continue to be committed to investing in the people, technology, and communities represented by the incredible businesses we have brought together – and that commitment remains as strong as ever.

Finally, our commitment to embracing change remains intact. At Q2, we truly do believe that change is good. Whether you consider yourself a Q2, Centrix, Q2 Cloud Lending, Gro, Q2 Open, or Q2 PrecisionLender customer, everyone at Q2 appreciates your partnership, your input, and your passion for serving your communities. Let’s keep embracing change, and let’s continue to change our industry – together.


Written by Q2