Earn interchange revenue while saving your account holders time

Update card information for 55+ digital services simultaneously.


Put your FI-issued cards “top of wallet”

Approximately 2/3 of American households are Amazon Prime and Netflix subscribers¹, and it’s too easy for account holders to switch to a different card. Don’t miss out on interchange revenue by helping your account holders update their card information, so they keep using it.

¹Sixty-Four Percent Of U.S. Households Have Amazon Prime



Recognized as a PCI Compliant Solution

  • Capture more interchange revenue

    Rather than selecting a different card upon expiration, CardSwap makes it more likely that account holders will update your cards instead.

  • Supports 55+ popular services

    Quickly swap out new card information for Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Apple, Spotify, Pandora, Uber, and many more.

  • Better relationships

    Incentivizing account holders to use your cards instead of others prompts more engagement.


Centralized card updates

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By entering their login credentials for participating services, your account holders can update their card information for over 55 participating popular services at the same time.

Regular security upgrades

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To ensure your account holders’ data is safe, we perform regular maintenance and testing of CardSwap.

ROI calculator

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CardSwap tracks the number of swaps that account holders make and which vendors’ payment methods they’ve updated, allowing you to monitor revenue streams.

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