Improve the financial wellness of your account holders

Encourage saving and gain valuable behavior data.


Extra account structure makes it simple to save for specific goals

It’s difficult to manage money when it’s all in one big savings account. By allowing users to transfer specific amounts into categorized Q2 Goals™ accounts, you’re reducing the effort required to save while gaining insight into their larger purchases.


  • Understand your account holders

    An account holder’s savings behavior offers precious insight into their values, which you can help them fulfill with other financial tools.

  • Earn trust and loyalty

    As an FI, the heart of your stability is the confidence of your account holders. Helping them achieve their goals demonstrates that you have their interests top-of-mind.

  • Better financial wellness

    By helping your account holders stay on top of their savings plans, you’re helping them improve their lives, and also creating future financial opportunities.


User savings goals

Q2 Goals Slide 1

Users choose dollar goals, timelines, and categories for each Goal account. They can manage these goals in a variety of ways, such as by designating one-time or recurring transfers.

Real-time transfers

Q2 Goals Slide 2

Money transfers between internal and Goal accounts immediately, and your core receives an activity update once per day.

Optional interest payments

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You decide whether to pay interest on Goal accounts or not.

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