Quick, simple, and secure account and card switching

Drive deeper engagement by enabling account holders to switch direct deposits with Q2 ClickSWITCH and update payment cards in minutes with Q2 CardSwap.


Make it easy to join your financial institution

Streamlined and trackable direct deposit switching

Automate the process for switching direct deposits and recurring payments while leveraging a user-friendly admin portal to track activity and monitor conversions.

Comprehensive employer database and integration capabilities

Offer an expansive database of hundreds of thousands of employers and the ability to integrate with new employers not already available.


Place your card top of wallet for account holders

Update card on-file

Automatically push new card information to 150+ top subscription and card-on-file merchants with just a few clicks. 

Guarantee a secure switch

Provide account holders worry-free card transfer through PCI compliant security.

Key Benefits

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    Establish primary banking relationships

    Expand your institution’s share of wallet and cross-sell opportunities to become your account holders’ chief financial provider and build tighter relationships.

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    Earn and preserve more interchange revenue

    Capture interchange revenue on recurring subscription transactions and improve the card replacement experience.

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    Leave no data behind

    Whether during onboarding or any other time, enable your customers to completely transfer all data from their previous accounts to start banking with you immediately.

  • <120 sec. Digital switching time for account holders.
  • $150+ Proper onboarding practices can help boost account profitability annually.
  • 200+ Financial institution clients use direct deposit switching.


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