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At Q2, our mission drives us.
And community drives our mission.

At Q2, our mission drives us. And community drives our mission.

Q2’s mission is to build strong and diverse communities by strengthening their financial institutions. We do that with software, but we don’t want our impact to stop there. As the official stadium naming rights sponsor, we’re coming together with Austin FC to live out our mission right here in Austin—the community where Q2 was born and raised.

Q2’s mission, combined with Austin FC, has laid the groundwork for new, shared initiatives meant to enhance the Austin community, the worldwide community of soccer fans, and more. This partnership allows both organizations to extend and increase the impact of their community outreach efforts.

We start by building software that helps financial institutions compete and serve their communities. But service and giving are core to our culture, and our partnership with Austin FC will amplify our existing community giving programs—and launch new ones. With Austin FC, we want to create opportunity and growth in Austin for years to come—bringing global visitors and attention to our one-of-a-kind city.

Dream Starter Competition

Austin FC and Q2 will award $100,000 to Austin entrepreneurs

Charitable Giving Program

Austin FC and Q2 will grant $150,000 to Austin non-profits

Official Community Partner of Q2 Stadium

Through their partnership, Austin FC and Q2 have worked together to create new community programs benefitting Central Texas communities, including the following:


An annual grant program supporting Central Texas nonprofit organizations

Austin FC and Q2 envision a Central Texas community where everyone has access to the resources they need to thrive. As the Official Community Partner for Austin FC, Q2’s sponsorship features the creation of several innovative community-giving platforms, including an annual campaign in which $150,000 is allocated by Q2 and Austin FC to deserving local nonprofit organizations who are dedicated to serving Central Texas communities. The grants are awarded to focus on the advancement of underrepresented communities through the following impact areas: education, job skills and readiness, and health and wellness.

Grant applications open annually in the fall.

Dream Starter Logo

Have a dream? Austin FC and Q2 can help make it a reality.

Q2 and Austin FC created the “Dream Starter Competition,” which allows innovative Austinites the opportunity to compete for valuable seed funding for the launch or growth of an entrepreneurial venture. The program provides winners with “Dream Starter Funds” equal to $100,000 to jumpstart and/or accelerate a business plan, while also providing access to executive expertise and advice for business owners.

The business initiative invites Austin entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups to apply. Five selected finalists are invited to compete in real time in a pitch-style competition before a panel of judges. The Dream Starter competition combines Q2’s mission with Austin FC’s “Inclusivity through Equity’ community pillar. With its aim to connect underrepresented entrepreneurs with the resources needed to build profitable, high-growth companies, the “Dream Starter” funds aid Central Texas entrepreneurs in overcoming financial barriers to achieve success.

Turn your dream into reality! Applications open annually in the spring.


A leadership development program for high school students

Q2 Verde Youth Leadership Academy provides students with a Q2 mentor and a part-time job as a youth soccer coach for area middle schools.

The Verde Youth Leadership Academy is comprised of 12 high school students. Students range from sophomores to seniors.

As part of the focus on development, weekly and monthly meetings are conducted for the Youth Leadership Academy, focusing on topics like public speaking, peer-to-peer mentorship, and college and career readiness. Q2 employees are paired with a youth leader to provide individual support in areas of leadership and professionalism.

In addition to mentoring students, Q2 employees are also involved in volunteering with Verde Leaders in a variety of initiatives such as pitch beautification projects for elementary schools, and leading career readiness workshops for high school students.


Soccer is a game that brings people from all walks of life together, and we jumped at the chance to help bring the global game to our hometown. Within our own walls and beyond, we believe in the value of different perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas. With Austin FC and Q2 Stadium, we want to give everyone in Austin something to cheer about—no matter what neighborhood they’re from.


As Q2 and Austin FC’s partnership grows, so will their fundamental, collaborative commitment to building strong and diverse communities in Austin and beyond.

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