Pioneer Military Credit Accelerates its Business with Q2 Lending and CloudKaptan

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Pioneer Military Credit needed to modernize the lending experience for its customers to help increase efficiencies and reduce decision time.
  • End-to-end automation speeds up the loan process for customers
  • Scalable system offers larger footprint while reducing need for additional staffing
  • Configurability time reduced from more than nine months to 45 days or less
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"Q2 is the best software company with the best process I've been involved with in any of the startups I've done in my career."
Aaron Handke, CEO, Pioneer Military Credit

About Pioneer Military Credit

Kansas City, Missouri
Assets Under Management
~$25 million
Q2 Lending


Slow and costly modifications to its lending system led Pioneer to search for a new lending provider.

Pioneer knew they needed to find a nimble parter that offered configurability rather than hard coding to make system updates quickly. They also wanted to modernize the overall lending experience and reduce inefficiencies in the loan process, which required a lot of manual tasks behind the scenes.


Pioneer turned to Q2 to modernize and speed up the lending decisioning process.

After deploying Q2 Lending, Pioneer was able to quickly configure its system with only a few clicks and was able to scale almost immediately. The new system automated the lending process and provided built-in triggers, either for identity or military status, that needed manual review. Pioneer also worked with Q2's partner, CloudKaptan, to make changes and refinements that were live in as little as 30-45 days.


With Q2 Lending, Pioneer has: 

  • End-to-end automation speed loan process for customers: loan offers in seconds, decisions in minutes, funding that day or the following morning
  • Scalable system gives a larger footprint while reducing need for additional staffing: fewer employees are needed to quickly expand into new markets
  • Modifications went from taking nine months to 45 days or less

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