Card management for today’s digital expectations

Empower cardholders to keep their funds safe and spending on track with online controls, dispute management, and other robust self-service features. It’s the hassle-free digital experience modern consumers expect.


Online features to manage spending and fraud

Personalized controls

Provide tools to control how, when, and where cards are used, with limits and alerts by:

  • Amount
  • Time
  • Location
  • Merchant or transaction type
  • Other personalized parameters

No additional authentication is required, all controls are accessible on the digital banking homepage—across devices.

Card Details

Better dispute management

Q2’S CentrixDTS™ simplifies dispute management—for you and your cardholders. It speeds fraud response, ensures Reg E compliance, and quickly uncovers the impact of card breaches.


Online card replacement and provisioning

When people can report and deactivate lost or stolen cards online, and order new ones, you save them time and worry. Plus, you can easily issue and fund digital cards, even provision for digital wallets.


Centralized card updates

Q2 CardSwap lets cardholders set up automatic payment—with your cards—to 100+ subscription and digital POS services. That means, from Spotify to Amazon, you’re top-of-wallet for interchange revenue in a single workflow.

  • Why it matters

  • 78% of all U.S. households subscribe to at least one or more streaming services.
  • 82M Americans pay an average of $10 a month for on-demand music streaming service (Spotify dominates).
  • $9.3B Video game streaming is a $9.3B per year industry, and it’s growing rapidly. 

*Based on a survey of 1,005 American consumers commissioned by Forbes Home and conducted by market research company Prolific.

Other convenient self-service features to manage evolving needs 

  • card-icon-consumer

    Consolidated card services view

    Cardholders can see, select, and initiate services for all cards issued by your institution in a single view.

  • plane-icon-consumer

    Online travel notifications

    Prevent fraud and avoid unnecessary declines with easy notification of travel for any or all cards. 

  • card2-icon-consumer

    Credit line and ATM limit requests

    With features to request credit line extensions and cash availability adjustments, cardholders can manage changing spending needs online.


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