Win more profitable relationships

To win and retain operating account deposits, financial institutions (FIs) need the solutions that businesses require, along with the digital experience they expect—from day one of the relationship.

  • In a liquidity crisis, operating accounts are critical

    In today’s economic environment, deposit acquisition and retention are top priorities for every FI. And the competition is stiff—especially for stickier operating account deposits that really fortify your balance sheet. To win, FIs need to provide the solutions businesses need, when they need them, and in the experience they expect.

  • The end of the “one-size-fits-all” digital experience

    It’s no longer good enough to provide a single digital banking experience to businesses of different types and sizes. Every business has unique needs, so to differentiate in the market, FIs need to provide a digital experience that aligns to how each business operates—even if that means solutions that go beyond traditional banking.

Q2 Catalyst is a suite of commercial banking solutions that helps you win more deals, onboard clients faster, serve them better, and grow profitable relationships.

Here’s how Q2 Catalyst can help

Win more profitable deals

Understand relationship profitability across business units, collect valuable insights, make better-informed pricing and structuring decisions, offer a “test drive” of commercial features, and close more—and better—deals.

Onboard businesses faster

Onboard SMBs in minutes on a mobile device; onboard large businesses in days, not weeks. Flatten KYC roadblocks, automate onboarding, and start commercial clients on the right foot.

Serve businesses better

Show that you understand the requirements of every business you serve. Deliver the capabilities they need and the experiences they expect—all tailored to fit their size and vertical.

Grow deeper relationships

Be a one-stop-shop for your customers by offering the fintech tools they need—like accounting, expense management, and payroll tools—directly within their digital banking experience. You’ll boost engagement, create loyalty, and drive opportunities for non-interest income.

How we help you build commercial relationships

  • 9BPS higher net interest margin relative to peers
  • 1X deposit growth relative to peers
  • 9% lower non-performing loans rate relative to peers
  • >1X commercial loan growth year over year

Don’t take our word for it


best in class


“Best-in-class” leader in the Datos/Aite
Matrix: Leading U.S. Cash
Management Technology Providers
vendor assessment, 2023"

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best in class

Small business

"Best in Class" in Javelin Strategy and
Research’s 2022 Small Business
Digital Banking Vendor Scorecard

  • The framework that Q2 built helps us scale faster and bring fintech to our customers faster. It’s also about the strong partnership we have with Q2.

    Shon Cass
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  • We didn’t want to be at par. We wanted to have a partner that was customizable, would grow with us, and was thinking about the future. And that’s what Q2 offered, and that’s why they won our business.

    Katherine Weislogel
    Executive Director/Head of Treasury and Payments Solutions
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Solutions for your biggest challenges

  • Optimize relationship opportunities

    Give relationship managers and treasury officers in-the-moment, data-driven coaching and pricing tools.

  • Accelerate digital innovation

    Launch fintech solutions that solve specific problems for business customers in weeks, not months.

  • Reduce risk and prevent fraud

    Protect commercial relationships with the latest security technology, like zero trust protocols, machine learning, and blockchain data protection.