Delivering Commerical Banking Services Faster with Q2

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In an evolving industry, Synovus and Q2 are delivering innovation through collaboration.
Delivered faster
integrations and streamlined innovation
Strengthened relationships
by better serving the needs of business clients
Leveraged data analytics
to meet account holder needs
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"We didn’t want to be at par. We wanted to have a partner that was customizable, would grow with us, and was thinking about the future. And that’s what Q2 offered, and that’s why they won our business."
Katherine Weislogel, Synovus Executive Director and Head of Treasury and Payments Solutions

About Synovus

Columbus, Georgia
Assets Under Management
~$55 billion
Q2 Digital Banking Platform™


Synovus needed a digital transformation partner

Determined to identify an enhanced solution to replace its existing digital banking offering, Synovus began searching for a digital transformation partner to help the bank continue to grow and compete effectively and better serve the needs of its business clients.


Q2 solutions were the perfect fit

Synovus conducted an extensive search for the right digital partner and determined that Q2’s comprehensive and customer-focused digital banking solutions would best meet its requirements, beginning with a move towards mobile banking. Q2's solutions now allow Synovus to benefit from efficient integrations, deepen relationships, and focus on the future.


Q2 provided Synovus with the ability to:

  • Implement a modern, mobile-first digital commercial banking platform designed for growth
  • Deliver faster integrations, helpful advisory services, and better innovation
  • Strengthen relationships with account holders through improved data analytics

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