Generations Federal Credit Union Partners with Q2 to Expand its Community Impact and Attract Younger Members

Generations FCU leverages Q2's digital banking platform, Q2 Innovation Studio and Q2 Marketplace to enhance the member experience and create stickier relationships with the next generation.
  • Engagement increase among younger members
  • Strengthened primacy by incorporating third-party fintech solutions
  • New revenue streams by creating a new BNPL service through Q2 Marketplace
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"With Q2, we're adding products and services that demonstrate our members can manage all of their banking needs online without ever stepping foot in a branch."
Jessica Hernandez, Vice President of Operations

About Generations Federal Credit Union

San Antonio, Texas
Assets Under Management
$800 million
Q2 Digital Banking Platform, Q2 Innovation Studio, Q2 Marketplace


Generations FCU needed to accelerate its innovation to meet the growing demands of members.

When the pandemic forced financial institutions to rethink their approach to digital banking, Generations FCU knew it needed to modernize its strategy to meet the evolving needs of its members and reach the next generation of members in San Antonio's growing younger population. The credit union wanted their digital tools to act as a branch where members could open accounts, deposit checks, order wire transfers and anything else that would otherwise require them to visit the physical branch.


Q2's digital banking platform and accessibility to third-party fintechs proved to be a winning combination for Generations FCU.

With Q2's best-in-class digital banking platform, Q2 Innovation Studio and Q2 Marketplace, Generations FCU can now offer the latest, most popular fintech solutions to its members, which enhances the experience and creates stickier relationships. The credit union can quickly customize and embed new fintech solutions directly onto its digital banking dashboard for faster implementation. Most importantly, members no longer need to visit the branch to manage their banking needs, allowing Generations FCU to attract and retain relationships with younger members.


Since modernizing its digital banking experience, Generations FCU has: 

  • Introduced several new fintech integrations which have allowed them to further their community impact and mission, including Changed and Givio
  • Increased engagement among younger members and grown its overall membership
  • Built primacy by offering popular third-party fintechs directly into the digital banking platform
  • Created additional revenue streams by introducing fintechs, such as equipifi, which have enabled the credit union to capture untapped revenue streams through the introduction of a new BNPL service

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