Promote your products to the account holders most likely to buy.

Leverage the power of your online banking data—no technical ability required.



Get the right message to the right account holder at the right time.

Using millions of data points from online banking transactions, Q2 SMART™ identifies behaviors that suggest interest in particular products. You can use these suggestions to build out and manage targeted marketing campaigns—all within a single, easy-to-use platform.

The Changing Role of Marketing in the Digital Age

Traditional, mainstay marketing simply isn't as effective in the digital age. Get your FI's marketers ahead of the transformation.

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  • Efficient campaign management

    Oversee multiple campaigns at once with our intuitive reporting dashboard, which tracks engagement, feature usage, product adoption, and more.

  • Message with extreme precision

    Crafting an effective message is only possible if you know who’s listening. Segment, export, or promote to granular audience groups in minutes.

  • Trustworthy, data-driven targeting

    When machines interpret the data, human bias can’t influence the results. Double-down on what works and stop what doesn’t.


The Q2 SMART recommendation engine.

Smart Campaigns

Let SMART analyze relevant banking data and make suggestions so you can focus on providing a great customer experience.

Behavioral targeting

Smart Reporting

Uncover and target real customer needs with sophisticated human behavioral models. Target audiences based on your internal products or specific behaviors within online banking.

Customer-requested features

Smart Dashboard

We want our customers to help guide our products. Features like exporting audiences, importing outside data, and interactive tutorials all originated from customer suggestions.