Commercial prospect demos done differently

Win commercial customers by showing off your FI’s superpowers and the possibilities of your platform with Q2 Interactive Test Drive

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all demos

Swap the standardized run-through for a one-of-a-kind test drive that speaks to customers’ unique pain points and focus areas. Q2 Interactive Test Drive offers customized demo experiences to greatly improve your chances of winning new commercial accounts.


Customizable doesn’t mean complicated

Choose from our base-layer templates catered to business type, size, relevant features, and more—then build from there in a few simple steps with our shopping cart-like setup.


Don’t just show businesses how it works—let them take it for a spin

Grant prospects credentials to access their personalized demo environment for a preselected timespan. Then, with the test accounts set up through your core, they can use real functionality, perform real transactions, and see their real potential.


Dynamic prospect management that fuels conversations

Gather insights on users and requirements to enable additional features, modify their template, or track leads—and more effectively manage engagements and prospective relationships.


Make your brand resonate in commercial banking

All demos are branded to the look and feel of your online banking suite for a cohesive and realistic experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Key Benefits

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    Close more deals, drive more revenue

    Provide a demo that fuels interest and deepens relationships at a pivotal point in the decision-making process.

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    Streamline the sales process

    Streamline your sales cycle, reach more prospects in less time, and make a bigger impact.

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    Swift deployment

    Get up and running with the tool in just a few weeks or less. We’ll help make it happen.

Proven success


of business customers say a personalized digital experience is very important or critical to them.

*The State of Digital Banking Survey, Arizent and American Banker, 2022

“Q2 is a big partner in our digital strategy, which I would say is one of our biggest strategies today—to remain top-of-market when it comes to digital offerings.”

Shon Cass
Executive Vice President and Founder, Texas Security Bank
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