Protect commercial clients with positive pay

Amid rising fraud by sophisticated criminals, a comprehensive positive pay solution that integrates seamlessly with the Q2 Digital Banking Platform® helps protect the businesses your financial institution serves. Centrix® Exact/TMS™ is the answer.


Superior fraud prevention for ACH and checks

Protect commercial clients with automated, full-featured transaction management for ACH and check positive pay from Q2 Centrix Exact/TMS. This powerful, scalable fraud prevention solution can help business customers or members of all sizes—and can coexist with your legacy technology or easily integrate into the Q2 Digital Banking Platform.


Faster account reconciliation

Validate payment-related information and manage exceptions faster without overburdening staff. Save time and free up your resources to concentrate on growing your FI. Centrix provides full account reconcilement of all transaction activity and automated notification to corporate clients when exceptions exist.


Payee Match functionality for even more protection

Add another layer of protection against unauthorized checks written to fraudulent payees. Payee Match effectively compares the payee on the check image to the payee name on the customer’s issued check file to validate the payee. Payee Match validates handwritten checks and detects washed checks.


Better corporate ACH reporting

Robust, customizable, self-service reporting for community businesses or larger corporations scales with your FI and your account holders. Get critical data on Notice of Changes (NOC), returns, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) payments.


Key Benefits

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    Replace inefficient, manual processes

    With cutting-edge automation, your FI can offer commercial products while lessening back-office burdens and mistakes—all while providing a user-friendly experience.

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    Drive efficiency with robust integration

    Streamline processes through integration with many digital banking systems using single sign-on as well as check image APIs.

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    Bring positive pay to the teller line

    Get up and running with the tool in just a few weeks or less. We’ll help make it happen. 

Proven success

$1.4 billion

in ACH and check fraud stopped by Q2 Centrix Exact/TMS in 2023.

“Before Centrix, we had under 200 customers on positive pay. Now, with Centrix Exact/TMS, we’re onboarding five or six new users a week. At last count, we had more than 760 users.”

Kristi Hansen
VP Operations, Nicolet National Bank