Q2 ClickSWITCH enables Axos Bank to bring account holders on board fast and efficiently

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Axos Bank and Q2 partner to attract new account holders and increase deposit volume
30% growth
in deposit volume
80% of engagements
resulted in direct deposit requests
70% of customers
maintain ongoing direct deposits
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“(Before Q2 ClickSWITCH), Axos provided a PDF form for customers to submit to their employer or payroll provider, but the form often didn’t meet individual company requirements, which inevitably led to requests not getting fulfilled. The integration with Q2 ClickSWITCH gives our customers the ability to switch their direct deposit through a seamless, secure and fast digital experience.”

Mike Copans, VP Consumer Product Management at Axos

About Axos Bank

San Diego, California
Assets Under Management
$15 billion


Cumbersome, manual process to transfer direct deposits to Axos resulted in inefficiencies and delays

Axos Bank sought a solution that would provide benefits to customers and increase overall deposit volume.


Axos Bank partnered with Q2 to quickly deploy Q2 ClickSWITCH 

ClickSWITCH helped generate and sustain deeper customer relationships by establishing Axos as the customer’s primary bank. The automated and assisted, one-time setup process yielded high completion rates and seamless transfers in onboarding.                     


Q2 ClickSWITCH provided multiple results for Axos Bank, including:

  • 30% growth in deposit volume for Q2 ClickSWITCH-associated accounts
  • 80% of customers who view Q2 ClickSWITCH feature engage with it and 80% of engagements result in a direct deposit request being submitted
  • 70% of customers who established direct deposits through Q2 ClickSWITCH continue to receive ongoing direct deposits   

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