Q2 and SavvyMoney Enable GreenState Credit Union with their Digital Banking Transformation

GreenState Hero
GreenState leverages Q2 functionality to launch SavvyMoney, an easy digital credit-scoring solution for members.
Generated $1 million
in new home equity loans and credit cards int he first eight months
33,000 members
were actively using in first eight months
Exceeded 20% enrollment
in the first 90 days with high engagement
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Besides our core offerings, digital banking is the single most important function. When you look at the total number of transactions, Q2 is one of the most important partners and systems we have.”  
Scott Schmidt, Vice President of Digital Transformation 

About GreenState Credit Union

North Liberty, Iowa
Assets Under Management
$9.4 billion
Q2 Digital Banking Platform, Q2 Innovation Studio, SavvyMoney


GreenState Credit Union needed a digital transformation            

GreenState Credit Union needed to increase their digital offerings to provide members with a best-in-class experience. They were already using Q2 for their core system, but GreenState wasn’t leveraging the additional functionality Q2 had to offer, such as Q2SMART, SavvyMoney or EVE Extract.                                                            


SavvyMoney offers enhanced value and services to members                                

GreenState and Q2 created a three-year digital roadmap that included launching several new Q2 solutions, including SavvyMoney. As part of Q2’s dashboard, SavvyMoney provides members with easy use through their digital banking app, allowing them to view their credit score and full report daily for free.                                      


Q2 Innovation Studio and SavvyMoney have provided GreenState with the ability to:                                

  • Generate $1 million in new home equity loans and credit cards                           
  • Increase their Net Promoter Score (NPS ) based on member feedback of SavvyMoney's functionality                        
  • Create a dynamic and robust member database, offering customized financial wellness advocacy and helping members avoid decisions that may negatively impact their credit score    

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