Hanmi Bank wins new commercial business with Q2's innovative digital banking customer experience

Hanmi Bank's digital experience has become its differentiator
  • Experienced consistent growth through the pandemic and economic downsizing
  • Closed new deals by demonstrating its digital banking capabilities
  • Received high praises from customers for frictionless user experience and superior security
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“Recently, we were brought into a a meeting with a pretty large deposit client. We did a demo of our the Q2 digital banking platform, and right off the bat, the client said, ‘we are going to go with your bank primarily because of your digital experience,’ simply because of the poor digital platform from their previous bank.” 

Fred Lie, Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Banking, Hanmi Bank

About Hanmi Bank

Los Angeles, California
Assets Under Management
$7.1 billion
Q2 Digital Banking Platform, Q2 Catalyst


Hanmi Bank needed to differentiate itself from the larger banks in its service areas to win commercial business

Several factors are taken into consideration when financial institutions compete head-to-head for new clients, including rates, customer service and products. Ultimately, differentiation is critical.


Hanmi Bank found success in leveraging Q2's best-in-class digital banking platform to attract new clients

Its innovative approach to digital banking has helped Hanmi log significant wins for the bank, all while successfully carrying out its main function of enabling fast, fictionless transactions. Clients like the intuitive design of Q2's digital banking platform, as well as the system controls in place to combat fraud.


Digital banking has earned a seat at the table: 

  • Hanmi's digital banking team has been taking on a larger role in customer relationships and new business presentations, resulting in more requests for digital banking demos during sales presentations
  • Exponential growth in client engagement
  • Reduced client training and onboarding with fast and flexible platform
  • Received high customer praise for frictionless user experience and superior security

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