Q2 Helps Johnson Financial Group Compete at a National Level by Modernizing its Digital Banking Experience

Switching to the Q2 digital banking platform and leveraging Q2 Innovation Studio has enabled JFG to quickly develop and integrate new workflows, new products and third-party applications.

  • Significant reduction of inbound customer calls and requests
  • Flexible, adaptable dashboards allow JFG to easily segment and individualize customer experiences
  • Instant access to multiple accounts for a streamlined customer experience
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“Client needs on the consumer side are different from client needs on the commercial side. The Q2 digital banking platform allows us to build and tailor those solutions to those unique client needs.”

Katie Heim, SVP and Director of Banking Product Solutions, Johnson Financial Group

About Johnson Financial Group

Racine, Wisconsin
Assets Under Management
$14 billion
Q2 Digital Banking Platform; Q2 Innovation Studio


Johnson Financial Group needed a solution that unified the customer experience

Johnson Financial Group provides a full spectrum of consumer and commercial financial services. From banking to wealth management and insurance, Johnson Financial Group needed a solution that could unify these unique products and services into a comprehensive view for their customers.


Q2 has enabled JFG to quickly develop and integrate new workflows, products and third-party applications

Working with Q2's partner, Tailwind, to help implement the digital strategy, Johnson Financial Group was able to create an optimized digital banking model that meets client's needs. With Q2 Innovation Studio, Johnson Financial Group was able to take what would otherwise be considered a traditional digital banking solution and extend it across the rest of its financial services.     


Since implementing Q2's digital banking platform, Johnson Financial Group has: 

  • Reduced inbound customer support calls and requests
  • Increased in-app ratings and positive reviews in the app stores
  • Improved customer experiences by providing easily adaptable and segmented dashboards
  • Enhanced its ability to translate the human aspect of its business through digital

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