Lake City Bank transforms digital banking experience with Q2

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Q2 helps Lake City Bank boost digital engagement by 85%
24% increase
in bill pay transactions
25% increase
in mobile banking for business users
Over 1,700 new goals created
through Q2 Goals within the first two months
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"It's really important for us to have a digital platform that's relevant today and will be relevant in the future. Because of the way that Q2 has designed this platform and the way that they have engaged and made it so flexible, it's been the perfect partnership for us.” 
Lisa Fulton, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Lake City Bank 

About Lake City Bank

Warsaw, Indiana
Assets Under Management
$6.3 billion
Q2 Digital Banking Platform, Q2 Innovation Studio, Q2 SMART, Q2 Goals


Lake City Bank serves a variety of customers and needed a platform that could provide account holders with a unified experience across all lines of business.

Legacy solutions had different platforms and mobile apps depending on the account type, creating frustration for both Lake City Bank and its customers. Lake City Bank needed a digital banking solution that could provide an exceptional customer experience for everyone from commercial clients to agricultural clients, small entrepreneurs, consumers and in between. 


After creating a task force including the bank’s consumer and business users as well as people who banked at other financial institutions, Lake City Bank selected Q2 for their innovative, best-in-class digital banking solutions

Lake City Bank brought on Q2’s Premier Services Team of in-house experts alongside Q2 Innovation Studio to help create its digital roadmap and take swift action to upgrade and unify its digital assets. Lake City Bank harnesses Q2 SMART™ and Q2 Discover to better anticipate the needs of its account holders and issue tailored, in-app messages or guides to segmented audiences. Lake City Bank can quickly act on the analytics to build and manage targeted campaigns—all within a single, easy-to-use platform. 


With Q2's digital banking platform, Q2 Innovation Studio, Q2 SMART and Q2 Goals, Lake City Bank has experienced

  • 85 percent of Lake City Bank’s account holders have become active digital banking users within the first year of implementing Q2 solutions 
  • Zelle enrollments increased by 200 percent with a 52 percent increase in Zelle transactions year over year 
  • 24 percent increase in bill pay transactions 
  • Within the first two months of launching Q2 Goals, over 1,700 new goals were created representing more than a half a million dollars

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