Hoosier Hills Credit Union Doubles its Small Business and Commercial Deposits with Q2

Q2 helps HHCU double down on its digital experience, providing an enhanced functionality to drive member primacy.
3X increase
in small business and commercial membership
2X increase
in small business and commercial deposits
Enhanced functionality

reinforces HHCU as its members' primary financial institution

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"Allowing our members to transact at the time and place they want has been quite a modernization for them. Features like this help further embed Hoosier Hills as a forward-leaning financial institution."
Russ Wilkie, Executive Vice President and Chief Experience Officer, Hoosier Hills Credit Union

About Hoosier Hills Credit Union

Bedford, Indiana
Assets Under Management
$880 million
Q2 Catalyst


Hoosier Hills Credit Union needed to provide a modernized digital experience for its SMB members.

The credit union faced a common dilemma: retail platforms were too basic and commercial platforms were overly complex. For a credit union dedicated to serving rural communities, digital banking wasn't just a convenience—it was a lifeline. HHCU had very limited mobile functionality at the time, with no P2P (peer-to-peer) payments options, automated ACH processing or the capabilities to serve businesses with large payrolls.


Q2's best-in-class digital banking platform provides the right level of functionality for HHCU's members.

Levering Q2's digital banking platform and Q2 Catalyst, HHCU was able to strike the right level of functionality for its small business and commercial members, and credits the payroll functionality as a key driver to its immense growth over the past three years. Because the back-office process became so seamless and efficient, the credit union was able to go after school systems and other large employers, whereas previously it did not have the functionality to fully serve those members' needs.


Since going live with Q2, Hoosier Hills Credit Union has achieved the following: 

  • Increased its small business and commercial membership count nearly three times
  • More than doubled its small business and commercial deposits
  • Provided enhanced payments and transfer options to re-energize members and motivate them to choose HHCU as their primary financial institution
  • Expanded its payroll functionality, enabling the credit union to go after school systems and other large employers

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