Premier America Credit Union Grows New Member Accounts 5X with Q2 Gro

Premier America Credit Union reduces operational costs while growing its business and membership with Q2 Gro's next generation of digital account opening and onboarding solution
  • 125% increase in new Accounts Shares opening using digital channel
  • 160% growth in digital account openings
  • Double digit increase in NPS after first year partnering with Q2
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“We've reduced operational costs while growing the business and membership. Member feedback is great, especially from the younger generation. The younger generation is where the future is.”

Premier America Credit Union

About Premier America Credit Union

Chatsworth, California
Assets Under Management
$3.4 billion
Q2 Digital Banking Platform, Q2 Gro, Q2 ClickSWITCH, Q2 CardSwap


Premier America needed a unified solution for account opening

One of Premier America's key priorities was finding a unified solution for account opening to replace a fragmented interface that required multiple touch points when members transacted across different digital tools. The lack of flexibility prevented Premier America from integrating account opening into its existing platforms. The credit union could not leverage internal workflows to flag potential fraud, incomplete data or unfunded accounts, ultimately impacting completion rates and member relationships.                               


Premier America converted to Q2's digital banking platform, which allowed for a seamless online account and onboarding solution

Premier America's members quickly gravitated to Q2's easy, self-service dashboard, enabling them to securely establish a new account with just five clicks. Premier America's Q2 Gro-initiated accounts have also skyrocketed. Q2 Gro integrates and functions seamlessly within the credit union's existing core ecosystem, plugging right into its technology stack, back-office systems and third-party solutions such as Salesforce, RPA and Plaid.


With Q2, Premier America had the following outcomes: 

  • 160% growth in digital account openings
  • Over 125% increase in new Accounts Shares opening using Digital Channel
  • Net Promoter Score increased by double digits in the first year of partnering with Q2
  • Enhanced member experience, upgraded security features and a reduction in operational costs
  • Excellent member feedback, especially from the younger generation

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