Accelerating the Speed of Innovation

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With Q2 Innovation Studio, Texas Security Bank is delivering on a new digital strategy.
$372 million
in PPP loans and double the client base
More data
than ever before, allowing greater visibility
of deposits transacted digitally
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“It’s huge how the Q2 Innovation Studio impacts the bottom line of the bank. Lower overhead and higher efficiency ratios all lead to better profitability.”
Shon Cass, Executive Vice President and Founder

About Texas Security Bank

Dallas, Texas
Assets Under Management
$1 billion
Q2 Innovation Studio


Texas Security Bank needed to accelerate its innovation

The bank looked to deliver differentiated, digital services to its account holders and prospective business customers. As the bank grew and the needs of its commercial customers evolved, the bank’s leadership set out to identify a new digital banking partner to enable them to deliver on their digital strategy.


With Q2 Innovation Studio, Texas Security Bank is closing in on its vision of becoming a virtual bank

Q2 Innovation Studio enables Texas Security Bank to provide a modern digital banking platform, control the pace of innovation and deepen existing account holder relationships.


Texas Security Bank saw fast benefits from Q2’s solutions, including:

  • ~85% of the bank’s deposits are now transacted digitally
  • The account opening process has been streamlined from weeks or months to days
  • $372 million in PPP loans have been processed and the client base has doubled
  • Flexible integrations, which open doors to new solutions and fintech partnerships
  • Access to more data than ever before, allowing greater visibility into how customers are using digital banking – deepening relationships with account holders

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