Leveraging the Power of Data

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UNIFY enhances the member experience with data analytics.
35% conversion rate
to eStatements within the first 60 days (and growing)
Almost 100% reduction
in call center volume for questions about available versus current balances
10 minutes
to deploy customized, in-app banners (instead of several days)
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“For us, our true ROI is the member experience. Now, we can immediately address issues bubbling up from the Contact Center – and deploy guides in advance of the issue to keep members happy. Within 10 minutes of an idea, we have the control and ownership to place this into our users’ hands. We can schedule (the guides) in advance.”
Jenny Wrobbel, Digital Operations Manager, UNIFY Financial Credit Union

About UNIFY Financial Credit Union

Torrance, California
Assets Under Management
$3 billion
Q2 Discover and Q2 SMART


UNIFY Financial Credit Union (UNIFY) sought to gain better visibility into members’ user experience

The trend toward digital banking has only grown since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. UNIFY wanted to deepen relationships with its members in the face of decreasing personal interactions.


Leveraging the Power of Data

These solutions provide rich data to enable UNIFY to better understand exactly how members navigate their digital banking tools and services as well as foreseeing – and addressing – member needs before they even arise. Q2 Discover works in tandem with Q2 SMART to tailor marketing messages about new services or updates with a specific list of members who would likely use the service. In short, the credit union can offer the right product to the right people at the right time.


Adopting Q2 Discover and Q2 SMART provided quick, meaningful results, including:

  • Reduced time spent from several days to less than 10 minutes to deploy customized in-app banners to answer common questions or help navigate users to a separate page
  • 35% conversion rate to eStatements within the first 60 days, with enrollments increasing every month
  • Significantly reduced call center volume, decreasing to almost zero for questions about available versus current balances
  • More than 18,000 unique member views of current versus available balance (nearly 10% of the total digital banking user base) in the first year

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