Faster, simpler loan & lease origination

Turn your lending and leasing experience into a competitive edge, with Q2 Origination. Use automation to speed things up while eliminating costly errors. Easily scale the platform to adapt and add new products that meet customer needs.

Transform your lending/leasing experience with Q2 Origination

Automated decisioning

Streamline decision-making with customized scorecards: leveraging KYC/KYB, credit bureau, bank transactions, and other data sources.


Self-service experience

Enable your borrowers to navigate themselves quickly and painlessly through origination, via the Q2 Portal.


Policy and covenant enforcement

Comprehensive validations help ensure borrowers adhere to specified requirements, mitigate risk, and maintain lending standards throughout the lifecycle.


Centralized loan product management

Effortlessly manage products from a centralized hub and rapidly update workflows and document requirements.


Third-party integrations

Leverage our seamless vendor integrations to craft innovative underwriting models.


Proven success

  • "Our customers are extremely happy. They love the fact that they can get in, apply, get approved, and book their loan within 5 to 10 minutes. They receive their money either that same day or the next morning. It’s all Q2 making that possible, and that’s a huge part of our business."
    Aaron Handke
    CEO, Pioneer Military Credit
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  • "Working with Q2 has helped us create a platform that gives us greater visibility as well as the flexibility to configure products and get funds out faster and more efficiently than ever before."

    Vaughan Dixon
    Chief Information Officer, hummgroup
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  • "It would cost me hundreds of millions if I spent all my time trying to build this kind of system from scratch—and it would take years to do it ... Q2 did all that for me."

    Brett Shanley
    CEO and Founder, Knoma
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