A platform architected for security

Evolving fraud and other cybercriminal activity demands a digital banking provider make security central to its platform. Q2 does, embracing multilayer security and cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) to offer around-the-clock protection.

Platform updates for always-on digital banking

Down time isn’t an option when it comes to digital banking. As a Q2 customer, your financial institution (FI) will be up and running quickly on our platform and then receive code updates via agile, automated continuous delivery.  

Targeted updates with zero downtime

Q2 delivers critical updates immediately, ensuring you always have the most current code with zero downtime or service disruptions.

You control the customer experience

While new updates can be delivered to your account holders quickly and easily, you control the testing and release schedule for customer-facing upgrades.

Automated enhancements and fixes

Security and performance enhancements and bug fixes are continually automated. Even new features can also be delivered.

The many benefits of Q2 continuous delivery

Faster delivery of innovation and speed to revenue

As Q2’s research and development efforts produce innovative new products, your FI can unlock new features, deliver more value quicker and at scale, and accelerate new revenue.

Plus, continuous innovation with our open SDK and developer community can seamlessly deliver hundreds of pre-built fintech integrations bringing opportunities to build non-interest income.

No downtime for your FI’s digital channel

Significantly improve the customer upgrade experience.

Reinforce trust in your brand

Customer trust depends on your end users knowing what to expect at all times. With Q2, you time upgrades that affect your account holders’ experience according to their specific needs.

Advisory Services for extended support

Q2’s Advisory and Premier Services provide enhanced support for product delivery via specialized consulting and staff augmentation.

Proven Success

  • 1% faster upgrades
  • 99.1% success rate of updates

“As we’ve said many times, Q2’s personal services are highly regarded. Conversions are stressful, but Q2’s oversight and guidance most definitely prepared us for the impact of the conversion on our customers and our organization’s resources.”

Jim Matera
EVP & Chief Retail Banking Officer
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