An open platform to innovate your way

Q2 built our platform to be open for our customers to take advantage of its power, speed, and flexibility to innovate rapidly. Personalize the platform and deliver more experiences with your own customizations.
  • Since the Innovation Studio launch in 2020

  • 50+ FIs use the SDK
  • 1200+ non-Q2 developers use the SDK

Build with the power of the full Q2 platform

An open SDK and developer community

Take advantage of Q2’s comprehensive, full-stack SDK and  APIs for add-on products, new workflows, and custom integrations. Q2 also offers a mobile SDK to allow customization of our Native Mobile applications, and open core processor to build compliant banking products from scratch. 

Add data tools, more customized UX, business logic, and more

  • Integrated Workflows
  • Single Sign On with an SSO standard like SAML or oAuth
  • Widgets for additional functionality or messaging
  • JavaScript Snippets for easy deployment of a vendor package
  • Create and send notifications
  • Group assignments, account linking, and profile creation via a single REST API

Get access to all of the goodness of the Q2 platform

A true development ecosystem

Build your own solutions on top of the platform with our Innovation Studio, open SDK, and certified third-party developers. It’s a final layer of freedom and extensibility.

No hassle deployment and management

Solutions developed in the Q2 SDK are deployed, hosted, monitored, and secured by Q2, allowing for the simplest operations. 

Choose your own partners, products, and solutions

No matter your current level of customization, Q2’s extendable, configurable, customizable platform allows for easy, fast, and seamless code upgrades and additional third-party integrations.

Platform and core integrations

We support your existing banking core, with maximum options for your FI to continue to be supported on our platform.

All the tools and resources your developers need for success

The SDK is more than just APIs. It's a toolset for building functionality without worrying about the complexity of running code in production. 

A sandbox development environment is available to design and test your ideas, and everything needed for success is available: documentation, example extensions, hosted code repository, UI components, Python and JavaScript libraries, log access, continuous deployment to test environments, data center hosting, monitoring, and analytics.  

Data and machine learning

The platform combines transactional data from integrations with behavioral insights from the user experience layer, forming a comprehensive view of each account holder's financial activities, needs, and goals. This data fuels data-driven solutions for marketing, fraud, and beyond

Pre-built integrations for additional solutions

Launch new fintech solutions inside your banking platform that are already prebuilt and integrated into the platform. Offer for-purchase fintech products directly to your account holders and earn more revenue.

What customers say

  • “We’ve found that Q2 allows us to see the future clearer and lets us know that we can innovate and add services and features faster and easier. Q2 has really helped us accelerate the speed at which we move, based on the way the platform is managed and its open architecture.”

    Josh Parent
    Vice President and Director of Product Management
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  • “With Q2 Innovation Studio, we can take something from inception to execution in six months or less, maybe even three months or less, which is warp speed in comparison to what we’ve been doing in the past.”

    Tom Novak
    VP and Chief Digital Officer
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