Q2 Announces the Andi® Copilot Platform Enhanced with GenAI

By Q2

16 Oct, 2023

Combines the power of Andi’s proprietary knowledge model and Skills Builder framework with new Generative AI capabilities to help bankers be more efficient and effective 

Austin, TX (October 16, 2023) -- Q2 Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:QTWO), a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending, today announced the launch of the Andi® copilot platform, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution suite purpose-built for bankers, enhanced with Generative AI (GenAI) language model capabilities. The Andi copilot platform also combines GenAI with Q2’s proprietary Skills Builder framework, which enables financial institutions to teach the AI platform to execute custom coaching, insights, and workflows to meet their organization’s unique needs.

The Andi copilot platform is an evolution of Q2’s proven language model-based AI assistant for commercial relationship managers, which has been in production through Q2’s PrecisionLender solution and is used by some of the largest banks in the world. Andi, introduced in 2017 as the first AI copilot designed to provide in-the-moment, contextual coaching to bankers and client relationship managers, provides a proven proprietary knowledge model based on seven years of loan pricing customer interaction data from more than 150 banks and 29,000 bankers and approximately $1.6 trillion in active loan balances.

Key benefits of the Andi copilot platform:

  • Enables bankers to be more efficient and effective - By automating time-consuming tasks and providing applicable, in-the-moment coaching on key banking decisions, Andi empowers bankers and staff to be more productive and work more effectively to focus on what is essential, such as serving clients and prospects. Over time, this will extend to data-driven, next-best-action experiences programmable by the client using the Andi Skills Builder framework.
  • Bank-ready and bank-tested knowledge model - Unlike general GenAI or GPT tools, Andi understands the unique requirements of the banking industry, policy and workflows (a knowledge model), which is essential for financial institutions. In addition, Andi can easily be trained with new skills, or for specific financial institutions’ policies and procedures, through the Andi Skills Builder tool.
  • Powered by Q2’s proprietary data extraction and classification technology - Enables Andi to read and ingest a wide range of forms and data inputs, such as handwritten loan applications – a critical capability to support bankers.
  • Secure and compliant - Andi meets the world's largest banks' high security and compliance standards. All data is non-attributable and de-identified, and encrypted with TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2+ and 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) protocols.

“AI and new language models have the potential to transform banking, but they must be connected to a knowledge model that has a robust set of data, specifications, and instructions that trains the technology on how to operate within a specific industry,” said Q2 President Kirk Coleman. “Andi’s proprietary knowledge model provides a deep, data-driven understanding of bank policies, procedures, and workflows while understanding regulatory and compliance requirements.”

“Over 60 percent of surveyed financial institutions report that they expect to deploy generative AI capabilities within the next two years,” said Gilles Ubaghs, Datos Insights strategic advisor for Commercial Banking & Payments. “That number is likely to rise incredibly quickly as banks and credit unions understand how AI can better help them across their organizations. Back office and relationship management roles are a critical starting point here for empowering staff to operate more effectively and rapidly benefiting from this transformative technology.”

“Andi was the first copilot purpose-built for financial institutions, pre-dating the arrival of the GenAI-powered copilots by nearly a decade," said Corey Gross, head of Q2's AI Center of Excellence. "Since then, Andi has empowered bankers to be more productive and effective. The secret behind Andi's success is its unique understanding of how banking works, cultivated from millions of interactions with commercial bankers so that we can deliver the right advice to the right relationship manager at exactly the right time. GenAI makes interacting with Andi a more human, more engaging experience, but without a knowledge model like Andi's to do the heavy lifting, GPT solutions will fall short of providing meaningful value to financial institutions."

The next generation of Andi is scheduled to go into limited production at the end of Q1 2024. Q2 aims to unlock powerful new use cases that will address the highest-value areas where bankers need copilot help. By integrating new GenAI capabilities into the Andi copilot platform, Q2 will make Andi easier to interact with, empowering it to understand and do more for bankers. The Andi copilot platform represents an expansion of Andi from a single copilot embedded in PrecisionLender, to a platform developing AI copilot solutions across Q2’s product portfolio, supporting bankers across their entire application stack.

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