Q2 Announces New Solutions to Deliver Actionable, Real-Time Security Insights to Financial Institutions

By Q2

1 Aug, 2023

Q2 Security Insights helps financial institutions to strengthen their security posture, providing a safer environment for customers

AUSTIN, Texas (August 1, 2023) – Q2 Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:QTWO), a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for banking and lending, today announced the launch of its new suite of security offerings – Q2 Security Insights. Q2 Security Insights offers products that deliver sets of real-time events to financial institutions, along with insights into the overall security landscape, giving them a deeper understanding of traffic patterns and threat intelligence via Security Information and Event Management (SEIM) integration.

In 2022, the frequency of DDoS (distributed denial of service attack) rose 22%, and credential stuffing accounted for 34% of all login attempts in just the first three months of 2022. Q2 supports around 34,000 logins per minute, and roughly one-third are bots trying to bypass security controls. In 2021, Q2 introduced Q2 Console Security Visualizations, which provides a self-service reporting portal that shows a high-level view of a bank or credit union’s perimeter attack surface. Q2 Security Insights takes this view a step further by providing a data stream financial institutions can use to strengthen their security posture while validating that the efforts Q2 is making to protect their environments are accurate and complete.

“Our customers’ security has always been the top priority for Q2, and we’ve developed a strong security posture because of this,” said Jordan Hager, senior vice president of hosting at Q2. “We created Q2 Security Insights so that our customers would have even more visibility into the changing security landscape. The more transparent we can be with what we’re seeing, the more secure our customers and the industry as a whole will be.”

Q2 Security Insights includes three offerings that extend across all Q2’s solutions, making it applicable to both platform and off-platform products:

  • Q2 Edge Traffic Export provides customers with a stream of all web requests made to a Q2-hosted environment and a stream of all flagged security events. This gives customers’ security teams insight into how Q2 is performing and allows them to leverage this information across other products and environments.
  • Q2 Threat Feed Export shares with customers curated data used by Q2’s SOC teams so financial institutions can use it to help defend against their non-Q2 hosted digital assets.
  • Q2 SIRT Threat Bulletin is a bi-monthly newsletter that includes financial news and security events, along with Q2-published blogs and news related to the Q2 digital banking platform.

Q2 Security Insights is an expansion of Q2’s already robust security measures. Q2 has led the adoption of zero-trust security, which removes implicit trust and privileged access, over the years as a key response to growing security threats. Additionally, Q2 provides 24/7 monitoring by securing the perimeter, deploying a secure access service edge, hardening endpoints to secure entry points, and protecting the data layer if a breach occurs. Q2 Sentinel monitors and analyzes transactional and user data in real time and Q2 Centrix has a comprehensive set of solutions for managing risk, detecting fraud, streamlining compliance, and more.

More information on Q2 Security Insights can be found in this blog post. To inquire about Q2 Security Insights, Q2 customers can contact their Customer Success team.

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